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Make your online course videos shine. Like a pro.

Yes, we know, we know.

The thought of now having to edit your just recorded online course videos makes you break out in cold sweat. We know that ourselves. That's why Flowtapes exist.

Flowtapes does the editing for you. You only need to upload your video recording, configure the effects, and you'll get an entirely edited, awesome looking online course video back in no time.

Why use Flowtapes?

This is a guide to starting your own YouTube channel. No AI generated or generic bullshit but actionable advice from someone who is doing it in this way himself.

In this guide we will talk about the steps that are necessary to get started on YouTube, such as about creating a robust workflow or about writing good scripts. But we will also discuss other ingredients like mindset, how to stay consistent, or how to minimize the effort for editing. This guide will also mention further resources that are helpful for your journey.


Of course there are also alternatives to using this awesome tool.

In general there are two basic approaches: 1. do the editing yourself, or 2. hire someone to do it for you. You can spend the time on editing the videos yourself, and have the necessary skills for that. Or, if not,

What can Flowtapes do for you?

First, Flowtapes does the A-Roll cut, which means it cuts out silences, repetitions, bloopers and so on. So your footage is turned into a coherent flow of speech.

Then Flowtapes adds some awesomeness with effects

For example, this online course video was edited by Flowtapes:

Edited by Flowtapes

How you use it

But with the right approach and strategies we can make it work.

First, we have to get clear about what

Make awesome videos. Like a filmmaker. But no editing experience needed.

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