Hey creators!

Let AI edit your video in under an hour.

And skip the tedious work yourself. Flowtapes automatically turns your raw recording into a publishable video with AI — saving you A TON of time and $$.

Illustration of a desk setup with a screen showing a video editing software
Edited by Flowtapes

And here is how it works:

  • 1. You configure how the automatic edit should be made
  • 2. You upload your raw, talk-driven footage
  • 3. magic Created with Sketch. Flowtapes edits your footage within 3 to 15 minutes
  • 4. You preview the edit Flowtapes created
  • 5. You render and export the final edit in high resolution

Hack your own video editing!

Log in, upload your video, and immediately get it edited by Flowtapes.

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A kick-ass tool for creators!

When it comes to editing our video we have two options: either spend a lot of hours on doing it ourselves, or spend a lot of dollars on having someone else do it for us. Both options are bad, especially in the earlier days of becoming a creator, because they keep us away from getting the reps in and publish a lot of videos,

Wouldn't it be awesome to get the editing job done in a way that saves us a ton of time and money?

Auto silence removal

Flowtapes automatically removes silences based on a configurable time threshold.

Auto repetition and blooper removal

Flowtapes automatically turns repeated sentences, stubmles and other messed up takes into a coherent flow of speech.

Auto audio quality improvement

Flowtapes automatically improves the audio quality of your voice by removing echo and background noise, eliminating the need for a $500 studio mic.

Auto B-Roll clips

Flowtapes automatically creates artistic, AI generated B-Roll clips with a coherent style to overlay on your footage.

Auto background music

Flowtapes automatically adds manually curated background music of your chosen genre to your video.

Auto captions text animation Coming soon

Flowtapes automatically creates animated captions text to overlay onto your footage.

Auto shorts Coming soon

Flowtapes automatically creates several Shorts from your main footage, picking the most intriguing snippets.