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With Flowtapes' automatic editing you go from raw recording to published in less time than you can type "how do i do color grading"

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Color grade "Blue Shift""

"This video took me 30 minutes to script, 10 minutes to shoot, and 15 minutes to edit. It's like 11:30am and i can already call it a day lol"

— Ludwig

What people say about self-editing videos

"Huh? Videos that edit themselves? That's pretty weird."
- John, 41, dad
"I'm just super pissed that I still have to upload them myself…"
- Martha, 23, struggling MySpace creator
"My product explainer videos look so much better now!"
- Miranda, 29, Shopify store for bio-degradable yoga mats
"I like thrill. Manual video editing is not that."
- Jared “The Jar”, 34, does self-promotion on Reddit
"फ़्लोटेप हिंदी भी बोलता है!"
- Krishan, 19, online courses on Bollywood acting
"Engagement went through the roof with all this new video content!"
- Gülcan, 35, SEO-optimized marketing website
- Herbert, 51, German
"This video cut itself down to 38:03 minutes and my voice sounds so much better!"
- Li, 24, wants to start a podcast on TikTok
"While the video edits itself I can already start working on the next one."
- Marcus, 31, posts fail compilations on LinkedIn

How you use Flowtapes

  • 1. You upload your raw explainer, tutorial, online course, or other talk-driven video recording
  • 2. magicCreated with Sketch. Your recording edits itself within 3 to 35 minutes
  • 3. You preview the edited video
  • 4. You adjust effects or do post-correction in the text-based editor
  • 5. You render and export the final edit in high resolution
  • 6. You add the video to your website and/or post it on social media such as YouTube or X or Facebook and boost your visibility


  • 7. You create an auto short with just one button click
  • 8. You post the short-form versions on platforms like YouTube Shorts, TikTok, or Instagram and get even more views

Make awesome videos. Like a filmmaker. But no editing experience needed.

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What Flowtapes can do for you

When it comes to video editing there's always a million things to do and decisions to make. A-Roll cut, color curves, audio EQ, zoom settings, and so on. Flowtapes wants to prevent you from getting decision fatigue and edits the video for you. You don't even have to know what makes a video look good or to have any experience in editing. Just choose a few basic settings and get your video edited in no time!

The automatic editing includes:

Silence removal

Flowtapes automatically removes silences but you can also adjust this manually.

Repetition and blooper removal

Flowtapes automatically removes repeated sentences, stumbles and other messed up takes and creates a coherent flow of speech.

Zoom jump cuts

Flowtapes automatically adds zooms to the jump cuts, which makes the video much more engaging.

Audio quality enhancing

Flowtapes automatically improves the audio quality of your voice by removing echo and background noise, eliminating the need for a $500 studio mic.

Background music

Flowtapes automatically adds royalty-free background music of your choice to the video, based on a curated selection.

Animated captions

Flowtapes automatically creates animated captions text to overlay onto your footage, using animation styles of your choice.

Auto shorts

Flowtapes automatically creates shorts from your main video, boosting your visibility across short-form social media.

What Flowtaps can't do for you

Time for real talk, friends. As with anything in life there are pros and cons. The value Flowtapes offers (superfast and automatic editing of your recordings into noteworthy videos) also brings certain limitations.

Flowtapes is not for:

  • Video editing nerds: Flowtapes' video styling has limited customizability. This is nice for those who don't know or don't care which exact settings make a video look good. But for those who want full control over filter parameters etc. it's not the right tool.
  • Music videos: Flowtapes works best with talk-driven videos. Explainer videos, interviews, tutorials, online courses, and so on. It needs spoken text to properly cut a video. Your music video or GoPro kite surfing video is no ideal match.
  • Those seeking Hollywood production quality: This is just not possible without a professional editor you pay $110 an hour. Custom-made motion graphics, flashy animations, retention-style editing: not here. Flowtapes creates an engaging and elegant but more simple edit of your video.
  • Multi-file projects: This is one of the next major features we're planning. Right now, Flowtapes edits a single video file. But there are easy ways to merge multiple video files in one, or merge a separate audio recording with the video. Contact us for guidance on this!

Furthermore, the automatic algorithm is doing its AI internship at the moment and still learning. This means, also depending on the quality of your uploaded file, a little post-correction by you might be required here and there (e.g. correcting word timing, word spelling, or removed text passages).

What you get out of it

First and foremost, you save three things:

  • Time: Compared to doing the editing yourself, you obviously save a massive amount of hours. Just doing the A-Roll cut (removing silences, repetitions and other unwanted passages) can already take like 3 hours for a 10 minute video if the recording is messy. But when comparing to working with humans: They have their own schedule, other work to do, and everything needs to be communicated. Using Flowtapes allows you to do everything self-paced and thus save time here, too.
  • Money $: this is mostly compared to hiring someone. Flowtapes aims at doing the same level of editing job a medium-level freelance video editor could do at $80 for like a 15 minute video (minus the custom animations and motion graphics).
  • Mental energy: Flowtapes is an opinionated tool. This means it makes decisions for you regarding how to edit your video. Thus saving you from decision fatigue that comes with the hundreds of decisions you'd have make when editing on your own. The catch: you have to like the style Flowtapes edits in as it's a given.

Furthermore, you don't even need to know what exactly you want for your video to look good. Which can be a problem also when hiring someone. As you have to explain it to them.

Didn't know you voice's audio quality could be improved? Or color grading makes your video look awesome? Well, Flowtapes does it for you anyways.

Make awesome videos. Like a filmmaker. But no editing experience needed.

Upload your first recording and use the free starting credits now!

And don't forget to grab your discount code!

Enter your email and get a 50% off code (in addition to the free starting credits) for purchasing your first credits package!