Automatic Video Editor

Flowtapes edits your video fully automatically. You upload your raw recording, wait a few minutes, and then you'll already have a publishable video available for download.

But see the before/after yourself:

Edited by Flowtapes

A-Roll cut

The editing includes a full A-Roll cut, which alone often takes hours to do manually. This is about cutting the main footage and removing silences, stumbles, or repeated text passages resulting from multiple takes at one scene. Here, Flowtapes uses AI technology to identify and remove those passages. It also revises the transcript in general, removing filler words or other unnecessary text.

Flowtapes makes the jump cuts of the video's main footage more interesting by automatically adding a zoom in-zoom out effects from time to time.

Furthermore, Flowtapes processes the audio of the main footage, to improve the overall audio quality of the voice. This includes removing background noise like traffic or wind but also echo from the audio. Echo is mostly caused by untreated recording spaces such as rooms at home with hard surfaces, like those with bare walls and no carpets on the floor. By filtering the audio in this way, you don't need to treat your room or buy a $500 studio mic, but let Flowtapes do the job.

B-Roll & Effects

To spice up your video and not only show the main footage all the time, Flowtapes automaticall adds AI generated B-Roll clips to your video that emphasize a certain scene or statement. These clips are currently 3D-moving static images, but with the advance of video generation AI we are sure to soon be able to add even more exiting B-Roll clips.

To also spice up the part for the ears, Flowtapes automatically adds background music. The music is low-pass filtered to not interfere with your voice and neatly integrates into the overall video, giving it more depth and a nice smooth vibe.

And what are the perks of automatic editing?

First we have to understand who such an automatic video editor is exactly for. Flowtapes does not create cinematic-level or otherwise super-crazy-fancy edits like those of the YouTube stars MrBeast and the like. It creates an honest, good edit with pre-defined effects that make an intriguing video. It's about the level of editing you'd get with a human editor you hire as a freelancer at around $90 per video.

The main game changer here is that this edit is created within minutes. Although Flowtapes is using a fixed set of effects, such an edit would still take a person with mediocre editing skills an entire day. Which means by using an automatic video editor like Flowtapes, you save like $80 in money or 6 hours in your valuable life time.

For me, it made it sooo much easier now to publish my videos on YouTube. The main task I'm now left with these days is basically writing the scripts for those videos. Recording is half an hour, editing the video by running it through Flowtapes another half. After a script has been written, these videos are basically published on YouTube.

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